• Systems for producing extremely resilient lightweight composites with a polyurethane matrix


Systems for producing extremely resilient lightweight composites with a polyurethane matrix

The use of fiber-reinforced composites often starts when the properties of conventional materials no longer meet the customer's requirements. Laminate is frequently used in three-layer sandwich constructions. Here the two facings are composed of a fiber composite material and are spaced apart by the core. Sandwich constructions have a high structural strength and stability, combined with light weight. The diverse possibilities provided by this PUR-CSM PREG sandwich technology can be divided into automotive and non-automotive applications. In automotive applications, products such as trunk floors, rear shelves, headliners and sunroof linings are in large-scale production on a global scale for virtually all OEMs. Berths and storage compartments in the driver cabs of trucks are made using PUR-CSM PREG sandwich technology. As the trend for lightweight constructions has been gaining considerable momentum in recent years, the first exterior parts have also been created using the groundbreaking sandwich technology. For example, the roof modules in the volume models Jeep® "Renegade“ and Smart® "Fortwo“ are made up of PREG parts. These applications are unparalleled in terms of lightweight design. Lightweight constructions are also used in the non-automotive industry, for example in small wind turbines. With over 130 production lines installed and 90 % market coverage, Hennecke's PUR-CSM-PREG manufacturing cells make full use of their unique selling points in this area of application and are known for providing reliable production conditions that are perfectly suited for large volumes. Hennecke can supply everything along the process chain on a turnkey basis and tailored to individual production capacity requirements - ranging from the pre-form production, robot technology, the press and spray booth to the appropriate safety technology.

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