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Hennecke GROUP press releases


Tracking down sustainable raw materials: International research project on bio-based polyurethane foams

At Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences, Department of Applied Logistics and Polymer Science, a team led by Prof. Dr. Gregor Grun and Prof. Dr. Sergiy Grishchuk is researching the use of bio-based or recycling-based raw materials in semiindustrial polyurethane processing as part of the…

As part of the international EU project BIOMAT, a team from Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences is researching the use of bio-based or recycling-based raw materials in polyurethane processing. The practical tests are being performed with the LABFOAM pilot plant from Hennecke.

High-precision measurements and AI open up new dimensions

Hennecke’s polyurethane experts are continuously working on making machine and system technology even better and more efficient. A milestone was set by the Research department – which is currently working on enabling high-precision measurements in the metering operation of high-pressure metering machines…

Hennecke's research department uses an intelligent algorithm and high-precision measurement to record extensive process data, raising production to a new level.

World market leader award

Hennecke GROUP once again awarded as world market leader

For the fourth time, the Hennecke GROUP has been recognised as world market leader. The renowned business magazine "WirtschaftsWoche" and the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland award this title annually to outstanding companies.…


With the "nextgenstore", Hennecke is launching the world's first online configurator for standardised polyurethane metering machines

Online retail has long been the standard for countless consumer products. In the area of capital goods, too, fast and global accessibility and the ability to check availability and delivery times is an invaluable competitive advantage. However, digital sales channels are rare for complex machine systems…


Focus on innovation and customer success: Hennecke Inc. looks back on a remarkable Open House event

Hennecke Inc, the U.S. headquarters of the global Hennecke GROUP, hosted a highly successful Open House event with more than 100 visitors from across the country on October 4th. The event focused on innovation and customer-driven solutions in polyurethane processing as well as a commitment to a sustainable…

Full commitment to Hennecke customers in North America: The Hennecke Inc. team at the Open House in October 2023

TOPLINE MK2 – royalty among high-pressure metering machines

Hennecke presents its top model for the most demanding and highly automated special applications.

With the introduction of the TOPLINE MK2 in the latter half of 2023, Hennecke will complete the "Next-Generation"…

The TOPLINE MK2 top model is the crowning highlight of Hennecke's Next Generation series.

Hennecke goes to a whole new level online – Next Generation of metering machines with IoT connection

Hennecke's new FOAMATIC control software grasps the opportunities offered by digitalization – connecting next-generation high-pressure metering machines with the Internet of Things (IoT) to optimize production processes. Under the name FOAMATIC-IoT, Hennecke now offers users outstanding options for…

Next-level connectivity: FOAMATIC integrates WLAN and IoT connectivity

New CFO at the Hennecke GROUP

Yves Souguenet is to become the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at the world-leading company group for machines and plants to process polyurethane.

Effective from 1 April 2023, Yves Souguenet will take on the role of CFO at the polyurethane specialists headquartered in Sankt Augustin,…

Focusing on growth and cost optimization: Yves Souguenet is appointed new CFO at Hennecke

Cost-efficient all-rounder for virtually all PUR applications: the new HIGHLINE MK2

At the beginning of the new year, Hennecke - the renowned manufacturer of polyurethane processing technology - started producing its new HIGHLINE MK2. The entirely re-developed, high-pressure metering machine is the second model in the Next-Generation line from the global market leader based in Sankt…

The HIGHLINE MK2: The multitalent of Hennecke's next-generation linup.

The new ECOPLUS MK2: sustainable, affordable, better

Hennecke, the renowned manufacturer of polyurethane processing technology, has developed a completely reworked generation of high-pressure metering machines and is presenting the first model of the series, the…

The ECOPLUS MK2: The first machine in Hennecke's NEXT-GEN line-up.