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Key factor for the high-quality and efficient processing of polyurethane

Hennecke mixhead technology

One key factor that ensures high-quality and efficient processing of polyurethane is mixhead technology. The development and manufacture of high-pressure mixheads requires a great deal of know-how and many years of experience. Hennecke has outstanding expertise in this area and makes its mixheads (apart from a few standard parts) in its own manufacturing halls. This is a novelty in the European competitive market. It is also the reason why many leading PU processors prefer mixheads from Hennecke. They know from experience that the high-quality design pays off in the production process.

High-pressure mixheads made by Hennecke

Making a profit with high pressure

Whether rigid or flexible, integral skin, filling or energy-absorbing foam is concerned, Hennecke has the appropriate high-pressure polyurethane mixhead for almost every application that requires mixing based on the impingement injection principle, from standard to specific applications. Variable sizes and injector shapes as well as a comprehensive range of accessories ensure that the mixheads can be adapted to suit a great variety of conceivable requirements - including yours!

All high-pressure mixheads at a glance
MT-A mixheads
Smart, high-pressure deflection mixheads with state-of-the-art features
MT-E mixheads
Available exclusively for the ECOPLUS series
MT mixheads
Deflection mixheads for special applications with tiny to very large outputs
MN mixheads
Groove-controlled linear mixheads for RIM applications, filler processing and spraying
ML and MXL mixheads
Air-cleaned, high-pressure mixheads for various applications

Low-pressure mixheads from Hennecke

Always striking.

Various raw materials and applications make mixing using impingement injection impossible. This is the case, for example, when casting systems or high-viscosity components are used. For many reactive components and additives - e.g., in continuous slabstock lines - mixheads are fitted with special stirrers to ensure that the reactive systems and additives are mixed homogeneously in the mixing chamber and a laminar output is achieved. To a certain extent, processors can influence factors such as the cell structure and cell size of foaming systems by means of particular types of stirrer. High-strength stirrers are used in compact and cellular elastomer systems, ensuring optimal results even when the processing parameters are extremely difficult.

All stirrer mixheads at a glance
MEL mixheads
Stirrer mixheads for elastomer applications
Stirrer mixhead for slabstock
Dynamic stirrer mixer for slabstock applications
Stirrer mixhead for HK-R 5000
Stirrer mixheads for highest quality foams with extreme outputs
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